The nesting begins

After complaining for too many months that Beanie has got waaaay too many toys, and reading a fabulous post by livingwellspendingless about how she took away her kids toys – and another on her decluttering efforts – I finally got my mojo on and started the clean out, in an effort to get ready for Talbot’s arrival. 

I have a tendency to get bored very quickly (just ask my husband), so I decided that for every day I was home (I work two day and mum five days a week), I would aim to get rid of at least one bag of “stuff” – be it papers, clothes, toys, whatever. That way it’s lots of little projects, rather than a big day – also important with three-year-old Beanie in tow.

I’m at the end of the second week of the project and am feeling pretty good about my efforts so far. I’ve managed to send four bags of clothes and assorted items to charity, send dozens of old magazines to Beanie’s Kindy (and thrown out some more since then), and discard so many useless items! There’s a bag of Beanie’s toys set aside to see whether he misses them or not (I’m such a hoarder and am too scared to throw them out yet), I’ve given our bedroom a good clean (my mother-in-law would be impressed), and today even cleaned out the laundry (sort of… Still have the top cupboard to do).

I have to say I am loving it! It feels so good to get rid of “stuff”. I’m so over the accumulation of things, and I hope that I can keep this up, as I want my kids to be appreciative of what we do have, but not be obsessed with having things.